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Monday August 2, 2010US Tour Micah's final diary

By William Wood | In US Pre-Season Tour

Micah’s final entry in the US tour diary for Manchester City’s website concluded with his thoughts on their match with Club America, how he has been dealing with the heat and the impending return of a host of players.

Having kept the City fans up to speed with his blog pieces throughout their pre-season tour of the States, the feature concludes with the squad preparing to return to the UK.

Due to the heat, City’s previous match was played in a Dome much to the relief of the players, and Micah remained adamant that his booking for diving was harsh.

Some of the players had the chance to visit Ravens NFL training camp and returned with some American Footballs, though they seem likely stick with balls of the spherical variety having seen the size of some of the players.

The squad are also set to welcome Carlos Tevez, Nigel De Jong and Jerome Boateng to the squad as they move towards the conclusion of their pre-season exertions.

Here’s an extract from the blog, and to read the full version please click here.

Atlanta’s heat was unbelievable and thank goodness the game against Club America was in a Dome.

It is quite spooky when you first go into the ground but the first thing you notice is how cool it is compared to outside.

Once you have had a look up at the roof – which is amazing – it is no different to playing on a windless day outdoors.
We trained again briefly on the morning of the match and then had a sleep in the afternoon.

I have got to say that the hotel where we stayed in Atlanta was something else. It was very modern but felt like it has been there for a long time.

While I was there I had a haircut which I sported in the game against Club America. I thought we played really well in the first half especially.