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Manchester City players in training

Manchester City players whilst in training

Friday January 30, 2009Trickster Strikes at City Training Ground

By Micah Richards | In My Week

We’ve had a great week at City, recording another win in the league, and off-the-field a trickster has been giving everybody a laugh!

At the beginning of the week I went to the pictures to see ‘My Bloody Valentine’ with a few of my friends, and though it was good film I couldn’t really get into it. Because the film was in 3D everyone had to wear the glasses – possibly the worst looking glasses I have ever seen – but the effects are excellent and can really make you jump.

Rock Band - Micah's latest Xbox game

Rock Band - Micah's latest Xbox game

I don’t know if any of you have it but I’ve wanted the Rock Band game for my Xbox for ages and I finally got it this week. It’s a laugh and me and the lads will have a mess about on it – I’m ok on it but everyone else is shocking!

I also had a photo shoot for the PFA, Players Club magazine at Oulton Park race course, this week which was good, even though it felt like it was about -25 degrees! When I get the pictures I’ll put them on here so keep your eye out for the album.

The Newcastle game was a really big result, and we never looked like losing. It was disappointing for us to concede the goal but we’ve now had three wins from four matches and we’re moving up the table, so things are looking up for us. Everyone around the club seems to be building in confidence and its showing by the results.

Manchester City beat Stoke earlier on in the season

Manchester City beat Stoke earlier on in the season

We’re playing Stoke this weekend who are a physical side and pose a constant danger from set pieces. However, we beat them earlier in the season, so we all expect to repeat that in the return fixture this weekend.

At the training ground this week someone has been playing tricks on the squad, and no one is sure who it is. What I do know, however, is that Daniel Sturridge’s clothes went missing, and someone put toothpaste in my boxers. That’s just a few things that have been happening, and others are probably more incriminating! Daniel Sturridge thought it was me doing it, but it certainly wasn’t, and I’ll find out who it is and get them back! The atmosphere around the training ground is starting to buzz again, and that bodes well for the coming months.