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Micah Training

Micah whilst in training

Friday October 31, 2008Team Mates Uncovered...

By Micah Richards | In Blog

I’ve had loads of e-mails from you asking me about the Manchester City squad, how the new guys have settled in and what their interests are off the field. My team mates are like my second family. We spend almost everyday together, whether it be in training or playing a match, and it’s great as we all have different likes and dislikes. Some of the music tastes in our squad are absolutely shocking, though I won’t name too many names for fear of embarrassing them!
I’ve answered some questions you’ve already sent in below as honestly as possible, and look forward to embarrassing some of my teammates more as you send in others you want me to answer.

Steven Ireland in training

Steven Ireland in training

Who is the joker of the team?
Gelson Fernandes; he is always making everyone laugh.

Who is the best trainer?
Stephen Ireland; he is quality in training and manages to repeat that in matches!

Who is the best dressed?
Valeri Bojinov. His swagger and dress sense makes him really smooth and he always dresses in his Sunday best!

Who is the worst dressed?
Nedum Onuoha. He doesn’t have a clue when it comes to fashion!

Who is Mr Manchester City?
Richard Dunne. He’s the captain of the club and he is definitely Mr Man City.

Sturridge whilst playing for his team

Sturridge whilst playing for his team

Who has the best taste in music?
Daniel Sturridge. He always brings in new cd’s and telling us about the latest tracks

Who is the fastest player?
Erm…not 100% sure, but it’s probably myself or Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Who is the loudest?
Elano. He’s always making noise, and he’s easily the loudest because he never shuts up.

Who is the most intelligent?
Nedum Onuoha again. He’s very intelligent but sometimes confuses himself. You know what they say about brainy people…no common sense! (laughs)

Richard Dunne - Captian of Manchester City

Richards Dunne - Captain of Manchester City

Who is the most skillful player?
Robinho. He’s incredibly skilful, and you have to be careful in training when you’re playing against him because he’s got so many tricks.

Who’s the best on Pro Evo?
Me, I can’t remember the last time that I lost! (laughs)

Which player has made the biggest fashion blunder?
Has to be Shaun Wright-Phillips. He wore Ugg boots to training! SHOCKING!!!

Who is the most likely to go into football management after their playing days?
Probably Richard Dunne. Natural born leaders like himself, tend to take their career’s that way after their playing ways.