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Saturday October 11, 2008Question Time

By Micah Richards | In Blog

Although I spend most of my time either in training or on the pitch, I do actually find time to take part other activities with my friends and family. I am just like any other regular 20 year at heart and my likes & dislikes, hobbies and pet hates are probably very similar to yours. If theres anything below that you can relate to let me know, also if theres anything else that you would like to know about me please feel free to ask.


  1. Favourite tv show: Prison Break, Match Of The Day
  2. Favourite film: Lord Of The Rings
  3. Favourite actor: Denzil Washington, Chris Tucker
  4. Favourite actress: Jessica Alba
  5. Favourite music genre: R&B
  6. Favourite artist: Lil Wayne
  7. Favourite food: Nandos
  8. Favourite drink: Apple juice
  9. Favourite car: Lamborghini
  10. Favourite designer: Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood
  11. Favourite book: Mohammed Ali Biography
  12. Nickname: Meeks
  13. Hobbies: Computers, Game Consoles, Movies, Gokarting,
  14. 3 words that best describe you: cool, calm and collected, obviously off the pitch!
  15. Most embarrasing moment: swearing live on TV
  16. Most common misconception: people think i come across arrogant but once you get talking to me i’m quite the opposite.


  1. First team played for: Oldham Athletic
  2. First goal scored: Against Aston Villa in the FA Cup
  3. Last time you lost temper on pitch: My confrontation with Didier Drogba
  4. First position played: Striker
  5. Current position: Centre back/Right bacK
  6. First weekly wage you ever had: £80
  7. Favourite player: Thierry Henry
  8. Favourite team: Arsenal
  9. Best team mate played with: Steven Gerrard
  10. Hardest opponent to play against: Didier Drogba
  11. Worst moment: Losing against Croatia in the Euro 2008 Qualifier
  12. Football idols: Pele, Paulo Maldini