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Micah poses for Adidas photoshoot

Monday December 15, 2008My Week So Far... 7

By Micah Richards | In My Week

I’ve had an exciting week on a few different fronts so far, making my return from injury, appearing in an Adidas photo shoot, team-building at bowling and getting ready to travel to Spain for our Uefa Cup match. Oh, and I managed to catch the final of the X-Factor!

X-Factor winner - Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

Everybody’s talking about it, and I admit that on Saturday I watched the X-Factor final – I’ve not really missed a show since it started! A lot of people have been asking me who I wanted to win and it was of course Alexandra – I even voted for her. She is an outstanding talent and I was really pleased when she was announced as the winner, and even though JLS were good as well, in the end the best singer / performer won.

City of course lost 1-0 to Everton, and I was angry after the game, mainly because of the way we lost. It’s gutting to concede a stoppage time winner from Tim Cahill, and it made the hurt of losing even greater.
There were some positives to take from the performance but the score line is the main thing, and it completed what has been a really frustrating period where the results just don’t seem to be going our way. I can, though, guarantee that with the players and manager we have, it’s just a matter of time before things start going our way.

Tim Cahill of Everton

Tim Cahill of Everton

Away from the pitch, I had a photo shoot for one of my sponsors last month, Adidas, and received a few preview images this week. The photos are for a campaign advertising the new Adidas predator clothing line and football boots, and while it’s rare I get the spare time to do such things, when I do I really enjoy it.
There were some other players there from rival Premier League teams, including Dimitar Berbatov and Damien Duff, so it was a good day out.

Next up for us is our Uefa Cup game against Real Racing club on Thursday and, as we’re away, I’m flying from Manchester airport straight to Spain. Even though we’ve qualified for the next stage, we still hope we take all three points as there’s still top spot in the group to fight for.
After that we travel to West Brom for the game on Sunday. They play some really good football but are struggling to get results, so hopefully if all goes well we will get the win we need and begin our climb up the table.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been in and out of town and the Trafford Centre doing Christmas shopping before things get really busy for City. It’s been worth it as I can just about say I have finished all my Christmas shopping, and I’m pleased that I’ve got it all out of the way as normally I leave it to the last minute. And for fellow X-Factor fans, yes I did buy Alexandra’s first single as it’s always good to support up and coming artists, and it looks like her single will be number one at Christmas.

I also spent Monday afternoon bowling with the squad and some children from CITC (City in the Community). The kids were all presented christmas presents by Mark Hughes. It was a nice afternoon and we had lots of fun;it was nice to see how excited the children were.

Joe Hart

Joe Hart

I will, however, expose Joe Hart for wearing Ugg boots. He seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with Shaun Wright-Philips, and I just can’t get my head around it; men in Ugg boots, it’s a disaster!

Finally I also did an interview for 1xtra which was broadcast today on Trevor Nelson & Gemma’s Breakfast Show. It was part of Sporting Xmas Week , with various other sport guests such as Rio Ferdinand and Lewis Hamilton.
I went head to head with Rio in the ‘Naked Truth’ competition, click here to listen and see who wins

(Scroll iPlayer 2 hours 8 mins into the show to hear the interview)