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Micah in England shirt

Micah whilst playing for England

Wednesday November 19, 2008My Week So Far... 3

By Micah Richards | In My Week

Yet another busy week for me to report on, with more boxing for me to keep track on as well as a massive game coming up for Manchester City. Along with that, I was re-called by Fabio Capello for England, so all in all I’ve been in a good mood!

Ricky Hatton is an avid Manchester City supporter

Ricky Hatton is an avid Manchester City supporter

I’m a really big fan of Ricky Hatton and also a friend of his. He’s a great boxer and I’ve watched most of his fights, so I would like to take the time out to wish the ‘Hit Man’ good look from all the boys at Manchester City and England ahead of his fight against Pauli Malignaggi in Las Vegas on Saturday.
I’m going to try to stay up and watch the fight live, which I didn’t manage to do for Joe Calzaghe’s last contest, and I really hope he puts on a good show and wins.

Last time we met I sparred with him and I can tell you first-hand how much he packs a punch! Even though he said he was going to go lightly on me, it still felt like he was trying his hardest and using all his power, so I would not like to be his next opponent.

It’s been quite a big week for me so far on a personal level, getting called back into the senior England side and travelling to Germany. It’s a massive honour whenever you play for your national team, and I’m looking forward to the game. Training was really good yesterday (Tuesday) and being back in the senior side gave me a major boost of confidence – I will now do all I can to make sure I stay in the side.

This weekend we, as in City, are playing the team I always supported, Arsenal. They’ve got a lot of good players and a very young team, and I’m looking forward to what should be a really entertaining game, with both teams playing attractive, attractive football. My aim in the game is to keep a clean sheet and take the three points, which won’t be easy, but I think we as a team are certainly capable of doing it.

Micah tussles with his opponent

Micah tussles with his opponent

Thanks to everyone who replied to the question I asked in my blog last week, and it was interesting reading your comments. There were a lot of big names mentioned, and we’ll keep our eye out for what could be a really interesting January come the opening of the transfer window. There are so many great players out there and I hope we will see a few new faces arrive. In answer to my own question, I always say Thierry Henry would be my first choice as he is my favourite player.

I have two questions to ask you, as my fans. Firstly, where do you think we will finish come the end of the season? And secondly, do you think we can win any of the cup competitions we are still in? I will be looking forward to reading the comments you leave below.