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Micah takes time out to talk about his week

Thursday November 13, 2008My Week So Far...2

By Micah Richards | In My Week

As usual, I have had a busy but exciting week, from watching Joe Calzaghe’s win to visiting my home town of Leeds, and in reference to many of your questions I still also found time to play on my computer games!
I was very impressed with Calazghe’s win.

I didn’t get to watch it live but I watched the replay the next day, and I didn’t want to know the outcome of the fight so I did everything I could not to catch a glimpse of the result on the television or over the internet. I really enjoyed watching the fight and try to watch all the big boxing events, though often the late night screenings mean I can’t watch them as they happen.

Anderson and Fabregas collide

Anderson and Fabregas collide

I watched Manchester United versus Arsenal on Saturday which was a really entertaining game with some of the best players in the world on show. It was interesting watching, in my eyes, the two best young centre midfields in the world, Anderson and Cesc Fabregas – they are both great players and had a real battle against each other. Manchester United and Arsenal always tend to be really exciting games, and the fixture at the weekend certainly lived up to that tag.

I went back to my hometown, Leeds, on Friday to catch up with my friends and family. I try to get back to Leeds whenever I can, and though I may have been born in Birmingham, Leeds is where I was brought up. It’s always good to go back there because I know it’s really important not to forget where you come from, and the home comforts are a bonus.

We have got Hull away this weekend which I am really looking forward to. They have surprised a lot of people this season and we’re all expecting a tough match.
I played at the KC Stadium early on in the season for England U21 and scored there, and while it’s a compact stadium it’s really loud. I’ll be looking forward to playing against my ex-Manchester City team-mate Geovanni, who has been great for them so far this season.

KC Stadium in Hull

KC Stadium in Hull

On to your questions. A lot of people have been sending in e-mails asking me if I play game’s consoles and what games I like play. In answer to your questions, I’ve been playing the new Pro Evolution Soccer which is great game – I was shocked to see how realistic some of the players looked, including myself!
I also like to play Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 against my friends. Playing computer games helps me take my mind off things and have fun whilst being home, as it can be tough to relax before big games.

Another frequently asked question was, ‘who is my best friend at Manchester City?’ It’s hard to reply to that question as we are all very close and are more like one big family which sounds like a bit of a cliché. Every day after training, myself and the boys stay at the training ground to play a few games (pool, games console’s etc) and have a laugh which is great for building up relationships with all the existing players and new editions to the squad.

The final most popular question was, ‘who is the teacher’s pet?’ In truth there’s not really a teacher’s pet in my eyes as all the players are treated equally. Everyone has to work under the same rules and no one really gets any more leeway, so no there is not a teachers pet!

I would just like to take this time to ask you, as my fans, a question of my own. If City could bring in any four players in the January transfer window, who would they be and why? Please feel free to leave your comments and answers below.