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Thursday April 16, 2009My Week So Far... 16

By Micah Richards | In My Week

We’re all looking forward to putting the disappointment of last week behind us and are fired up ahead of the second-leg against Hamburg – hopefully we can take some attacking inspiration from last night’s Champions League game.

The result against Fulham was really disappointing. Our home form has been really good this season but we just didn’t turn up on the day, and we certainly could and should have put up more of a fight. The timing of the goals was really bad, and it was even worse that we were ahead to begin with. The same happened against Hamburg and we lost that game 3-1 too, so we were all

However, we have a chance to put last week behind us in the second-leg and I think, with the help of the crowd, we can really make a game of it. I think that in these type of games, when the odds are really stacked against you, the fans play such a vital role.

All of the City players feel lucky to have great fans behind them, and they help to put the away sides off their stride. They’re also honest which means that you constantly want to improve to get them the results they deserve.

This will be the biggest game of our season and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope that Hamburg come with the attitude that the tie is over, as they may get complacent and then get a massive shock. All of us are going to be up for the game and I really believe we can do it. I know it’s been an up and down season, but it will be a massive boost to have all the fans there and behind us to give us a real chance of progressing to the next round.

After training on Tuesday the entire squad sat down and had a long talk about the game on Thursday. I feel a lot more confident going into the game now as we all agreed as a team that if we play anywhere near to our potential we can turn the tie around, but it will require us all to be on top of our games.

I watched the Liverpool-Chelsea game on Tuesday night, and I was glued to it – it was one of the most entertaining games of football i’ve ever seen. What surprised me most was the openness of it, which is rare in a game of such importance, but it was really refreshing to watch.

We have got West Brom at the weekend, a game that we will be the favourites to win. We lost the away game to them but after last week’s performance and result we’re all intent on getting the three points. From the start of the season the two games against West Brom were fixtures I really looked forward to as my good friend Ishmael Miller plays for them – he would normally be playing but through a long-term injury he’s going to miss the game which is unfortunate.