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Micah whilst in training

Micah hopes to be 100% fit for his next match against FC Copenhagen

Thursday February 19, 2009My Week So Far... 12

By Micah Richards | In My Week

Just a quick blog from me for now as we’re getting ready for the match tonight, though I have time to tell you there have been more pranks at the City training ground.

I’m away in Denmark at the moment as we play Copenhagen in the UEFA Cup today. We left early Wednesday morning, and I’m not a big fan of flying to be honest so I never really look forward to the journeys.

I missed the Portsmouth game at the weekend because I tore a small muscle in my foot, and I’m looking forward to tonight’s game; I’m 90% sure I’ll be fit to play even though it’s still a little sore.

Playing away in Europe is never easy and I predict a very hostile atmosphere. We are taking the game seriously and hope to return to Manchester on the back of a good result which will set us up nicely for our next Premier League against Liverpool at Anfield.

It’s ironic because Manchester United will be hoping we do them some favours come Sunday. The pressure is perhaps on them as they are higher up in the table and are the favourites going into the game, but we will certainly be all up for it and have something to prove after the defeat to Pompey.

Trickster strikes again

Trickster strikes again

Liverpool are a strong side and have, in my eyes, two of the best players in the world in Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. In the game against Liverpool earlier this season we let a two goal slip, so if we get in that position again we will not be making the same mistakes we did before.

As mentioned in a previous blog, the Manchester City training ground trickster has returned. In training this week my trainers went missing as did my clothes, so I had to go home in some other kit and spare socks. We still don’t know who it is doing the pranks so if you have any ideas let me know and I will seek revenge!