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Manchester Derby - Robinho and Rafeal Da Silva battle for the ball

Manchester Derby - Robinho and Rafeal Da Silva battle for the ball

Thursday December 4, 2008My Week So Far... 5

By Micah Richards | In My Week

I’ve reached a major milestone in what has been a busy week of football at Manchester City so far, but I also managed to find time for a family meal at my house to say thank you to a few people that have helped me along the way.

To begin with, we were all happy after the Uefa Cup game against Schalke as it was a great result. I enjoyed the game, and even managed to get forward and help the team out offensively from the right-back position on a number of occasions.

Richard Dunne and Peguy Luyindula battle for the ball

Richard Dunne and Peguy Luyindula battle for the ball

As you will know, we lost the derby against Manchester United this week, which was a bit of a blow for everybody especially as we went into it high on confidence. It was really difficult to swallow to be honest but I suppose it’s the way you bounce back from losing big games which is more important.

They were simply better then us on the day and I can’t really argue with them taking the three points. As well as the high tempo and chances, there other talking point in the game was Cristiano Ronaldo’s sending off. I was hit accidentally in the face and I went down, so I missed him actually hitting the ball, but he must have heard some sort of whistle or else I’m sure he wouldn’t have done that.
I felt for him as it’s unfortunate in such a big game to get sent-off, and he was in a great position to score so I don’t see why he would have done it unless he heard what he thought was the referee’s whistle.

Unfortunately, I picked up a knock in the game and missed last night’s 0-0 draw with Paris St-Germain, a game that I felt we did well in given that we were already top of Group A. Obviously a win would have been nice, but I think a draw was a fair result and we have one game left to secure top spot.

Most importantly, this week marked my 100th game for Manchester City, which is an achievement I take real pride from given the size of the club. I can’t believe how fast the games have gone so far, and it just makes me wonder how many games I would have played if I hadn’t picked up a few of the knocks and injuries I’ve had. I look forward to making many more milestones in my career, and I know that means I have to keep my head down and look to always improve.

Next up is Fulham in the Premier League this weekend, and I’m hoping to shake off the knock I picked up last weekend in order to play. They have some good forwards so we, as a defence, will need to be on top of our game.

I had a really nice meal at home last week, inviting the family I lived with whilst I was in digs during my team in City’s academy and then reserves. It was really uplifting seeing them as without them, I would have found it much more difficult moving away from home and from my parents.

Micah reflects back on the people that have helped him along the way

Micah reflects back on the people that have helped him along the way

I would like to give them a mention, just to say thank you and to say that, without them, I may not be where I am today. I try my best to remember everyone who has helped me and always try to keep in touch with them as there were many people involved in the making of my career.

I would also like to say congratulations to all the competition winners that won the limited edition signed shirt – well done, and I look forward to seeing them worn around Manchester! Keep a look out for a chance to enter another competition at the beginning of the week, and for those of you that enter; good luck!

Finally, I normally ask you all a question every week on this blog, but this time I thought I’d give you the chance to ask me any question you want and I will try to reply to as many as I can. Just leave your question for me in a comment below, and the more that give me a chance to embarrass some of my teammates, the better!

Have a good week, Micah