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Micah visits Thomas Maxwell-Harrison.

Micah visits Thomas Maxwell-Harrison.

Tuesday November 25, 2008Micah visits Manchester hospital

By William Wood | In Charity

Micah took time out from training to visit the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, but rest assured the reason was not injury or illness.

Micah with Laura Mulligan at the hospital

Micah with Laura Mulligan at the hospital

Instead, the England international was invited to the hospital by its staff, with Micah playing games and signing autographs for youngsters throughout the afternoon.

The 20-year old has become an active figure for various charities around the United Kingdom, and his latest trip took him to the Pendlebury centre which is supported by Manchester City as they prepare for a move to a new state-of-the-art centre in the heart of Manchester.

An initiative start by the RMCH aims to generate a further £5 million on top of the £15 million already raised in order to fund a range of projects within the hospital’s new base, and the Premier League club have pledged to support an outdoor play area.

And while Micah’s on-field commitments limit the time he has available to make such trips, the youngster was only too delighted to travel to the hospital.

“It was nice to be at the hospital; it is great if you can put a smile on the faces of the kids at what might be a tough time in their lives,” Micah told the Manchester Evening News.

“Footballers are always keen to put something back and visiting a children’s hospital is always a humbling experience.

“It was an enjoyable visit for me. It puts life into perspective.
“The staff at the hospital do a terrific job and it is great for me just to play a small part in helping toward the appeal total for the new hospital.

“It will be an awesome facility and one of which everyone in Manchester can be proud.”

Yvie Morley, a play specialist at the hospital and Micah’s tour guide for the visit, added:

“We deal with children who have had quite major surgery, such as renal transplants. The play area helps the children cope with their stay in hospital, understand more about their treatment and it helps as we to try to make their life as normal as possible.

“There will be a brand new indoors and outdoors play centre at the top of the new hospital. It will be a fantastic facility because we have nothing like it at Pendlebury at the moment, it will be somewhere the kids can go off their wards and meet other children.

“We don’t have anything like it here because space is so short, so we are really looking forward to moving there and being able to use it.”

The visit follows on from Micah’s work with Creative Cooperation , a charity which provides football equipment and team strips to under-privileged children in Ethiopia, as well as the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust.