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Micah will wear IfUCareShare wristband to help support the campaign

Wednesday May 20, 2009Micah to Wear Wristband in Support of IfUCareShare

By Rhonda Richards | In Charity

Micah will show his support for a campaign that looks to encourage young people to discuss their problems rather than conceal them by wearing a wristband during Manchester City’s final home game of the season.

IfUCareShare was set up by Shirley and Dean Smith after their son, Daniel, committed suicide at the age of 19, the reasons of which are still unknown.

As such, the couple decided to actively encourage others who may be prone to withholding any issues they face to seek support from friends, families and organisations, and IfUCareShare will be promoted in schools and local communities.

20-year old Micah has a personal affiliation with the project. In 2005, a childhood friend of the defender, Daniel Nelson, committed suicide at the age of 18, a tragedy that affected the closely-knit community.

Micah and Nelson, as he was known to his friends, played football in the same local team growing up in the Chapeltown area of Leeds, and they shared a passion for football as well as music.

In order to raise awareness about IfUCareShare’s work, Shirley and Dean have produced wristbands bearing the project’s name, and Micah will wear one during City’s clash with Bolton Wanderers on Sunday 24th May.

He will also continue to be involved with the initiative over the coming months as specific events are organised to spread the word.

the project, Micah said: “The IfUCareShare campaign is one I fully support and I believe it will play a crucial role in promoting and discussing the issue of suicide among young people.”

“It’s an issue myself, friends and family have personal experience with, and I hope that by wearing the IfUCareShare wristband I can help the project’s cause.”