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Micah training with team mates

Monday July 18, 2011Micah on Pre-season 5 - 7

By Rhonda Richards | In Blog

In the latest instalment of his pre-season diary for Manchester City’s official website, Micah spoke on the club’s new signings, kit-man Chappy – and missing Amir Khan’s training camp.

One player to join the squad this summer is Denis Suraez, and Micah has already been impressed with what he’s seen.

“One player I have been impressed with so far – and most of the lads have – is young Denis Suarez,” Micah said.

“He is only small and not overly muscly but he is technically gifted and has an eye for a pass. His English in non-existent but David Silva is looking after him and Yaya can speak Spanish so he is settling in well.

“He is certainly starting to enjoy the craic and banter that exists and it is great that we have some really young players with us on the trip. We have a good blend of youth and experience and I am sure that the younger ones will benefit a lot from being with us.”

Micah also had some words for City’s kit-man Chappy and the hard work he puts in to keep the players looking clean and professional on the pitch, even amidst visits by chairman Khaldoon.

“Chairman Khaldoon dropped by again for the second time at training on Thursday but there was no Jerome Boateng who has gone back to Germany where we heard he might be moving to Bayern Munich,” he added.

“That will make Chappy happy – not because he didn’t like Jerome because he did – but because there is one less set of kit to shift around.

“People have no idea how much stuff travels with us to help us train. All sorts of equipment is brought over from Carrington and it lives in a massive truck. Even the kit itself has its own room in the hotel there is that much of it. It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave because we are never out of branded clothing during the day and have to change for each session. The washing bill is ginormous!

“Anyway Chappy has been a bit less mad on this trip and that’s because he is so busy shifting things between two centres. No doubt he will burst into life at some stage. The lads all love him. He is an integral part of things at City and great for team spirit.”

Micah did, though, miss the opportunity to watch Khan preparing for his next fight due to scheduling.

“Timing issues meant that I didn’t get to Amir Khan’s training camp as I had hoped to but I plan to get there sometime before the fight,” he said.

“I find boxers preparations fascinating. The whole psychological build up to the bout and the harnessing of that explosive energy is fascinating.”