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Micah hopes to be 100% fit for the forth-coming games

Wednesday April 1, 2009Micah nearing full fitness

By Rhonda Richards | In General

Having struggled to shake off the hamstring strain that saw him sit out the final minutes of Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Sunderland as well as two England under-21 fixtures, Micah has given an update on his fitness.

How is the injury?

My injury is better now. It was sore after the game against Sunderland, but I’m almost back to fitness.

Are you doing any extra work at home to help you get fit quicker?

I have been resting quite a bit because, with a hamstring injury, you have to be really careful. Sometimes resting it is the best cure, but I’ve been doing a bit of swimming at the gym.

When will you be back in full training?

I think I should be back in full training on Thursday or Friday, touch wood. I feel just about ready to return so we’ll see how it feels then.

Do you think you will be fit for the game at the weekend?

If everything goes as planned I should be fit for selection at the weekend; I’d say I’m 99% sure I’ll be fit for the game.

Are you looking forward to playing against the team you supported as a boy?

Of course, though I look forward to every game for Manchester City. Playing against Arsenal is a game which is a little special; I supported them as a boy and really enjoy playing against them, so I will definitely be up for it.

Do you think you can get a win against The Gunners?

Every game I play in I go into it thinking we can win, so yes! We will all need to be on top of our game to get the three points, but the pressure is certainly on them as they are on a good run at the moment and in my eyes and are one of the form teams in the Premier League.

Micah in action

Micah in action

Who are the danger men and who will you and your teammates be paying close attention to?

Arsenal are a great attacking side who have some excellent players. Robin Van Persie is a class striker and will pose a massive danger, and equally Andrei Arsharvin looks like he is really enjoying his football at the moment as well, so I’d say they are the main threats.

In the previous fixture this season against Arsene Wenger’s side you took all three points. What was key to that win?

I think the main reason we beat them earlier in the season is because we didn’t sit back and defend, we attacked them as much as possible and asked a lot of questions of their defence. Off the ball we closed them down rapidly and didn’t allow them to play, because if you let a team like Arsenal play football they will open you up. Hopefully we can have as much success this time round too.