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Jay - an up and coming artist originated from Leeds

Tuesday May 12, 2009Micah Joins Jay at BBC 1xtra

By Rhonda Richards | In My Week

Micah joined cousin Jay, an up-and-coming artist from Leeds, in the BBC 1Xtra studios as the Manchester City defender’s cousin promoted his debut single.

Jay, real name Jordan Fell, grew up in Chapeltown, the same area of Leeds as Micah and his family, and he has been working on his debut album over the last few months.
Micah is keen to support all of his family in their own pursuits, and as such as was in attendance as Jay shot the music video his single, ‘Hard Swagga’, in Manchester last week, directed by critically-acclaimed music video producer Luke Biggins.

Jay, Gemma and Micah at the BBC 1xtra studio

Jay, Gemma and Micah at the BBC 1xtra studio

The 20-year old is also helping Jay with the promotion of the single, lending his time to interviews and appearances as a means of generating more interest for the budding star, who is the same age. And such was his commitment to his cousin’s music career, Micah dropped in on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show to give his comments on Jay’s music and his own football career.

Jay has worked closely with T2, another talent to emerge from Leeds and who took the UK music charts by storm with his own debut single, ‘Heartbroken’, and the two have collaborated in the past while in the city.

Micah’s brother Marlon has also developed a line of clothing under the MR2 brand, referencing the defender’s initials and squad number, and some of the items are featured in the video for Jay’s soon-to-be released single. Micah told

“It’s good to support your family in whatever they want to do, and I think Jay will go far. “I’m not involved in any other way than just supporting him, but hopefully I can give him a bit of advice.”