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Shane Fenton (far left), founder of Speak to the Streets

Saturday December 8, 2012Micah in support of Speak to the Streets

By Rhonda Richards | In General

Micah is delighted to support Leeds-based charity Speak to the Streets, a not-for-profit organization that aims to engage young people to direct them away from gang violence.

Speak to the Streets was set up Shane Fenton, whose mother Pat Regan – a notable anti-gun and peace campaigner – was tragically killed in avoidable circumstances in 2008. Pat had already lost one son, Danny, who was murdered after becoming embroiled in gang warfare in 2002, after which she became instrumental in the Mothers Against Violence charity.

Inspired by the work of his mother, Shane established Speak to the Streets as a way of ensuring other families don’t have to go through the same experience, with a focus on parenting, pre-gang education and converting street skills to life skills. Shane and his volunteers use high profile events, MCing, breakdance and other such art forms to aide their work.

Micah was more than happy to throw his support behind the project, particularly given both families have known each other for years.

On Speak to the Streets, he said:

“The work Shane and his charity Speak to the Streets do is incredible, not just in Leeds but around the UK. I’m happy to help as much as I can.”

For more information on Speak to the Streets, please visit their website