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Kenyan school children receiving an A&K ball

Kenyan children receiving A&K ball

Thursday April 1, 2010Micah in Support of Alive & Kicking

By William Wood | In Charity

The 2010 World Cup will draw eyes from around the globe to Africa and the greatest sporting event of all.

As well as providing South Africa, and the wider continent, with an opportunity to showcase their region, the World Cup also allows charities and community projects the chance to raise awareness about the issues that still afflict its people.

Alive & Kicking is one such project hoping to do just that, combining the passion for and popularity of football in Africa with the need to create employment for the many millions of people that are still jobless or mistreated in work.

The late Jim Cogan OBE, founder of Alive & Kicking, was greeted with the idea of setting up factories in Africa that could employ staff to manufacture footballs whilst visiting Tanzania.
Cogan also realised that this could be a sustainable way of providing equipment to the children whilst employing adults in the factories, and since 2004 Alive & Kicking has used bases in Kenya, Zambia and South Africa to produce over 250,000 balls.

Micah was lucky enough to receive one of the Alive & Kicking footballs, and he is supportive of a charitable project that reflects work his father, Lincoln, supports through Creative Cooperation.

The 21-year old has helped such causes in the past in the way of providing kit and equipment, and he became aware of Alive & Kicking in recent months.

“Alive & Kicking is a great cause and uses football and everyone’s love for the game for positive change,” Micah told

“With the World Cup just around the corner, it makes it the best time for Alive & Kicking to spread word of what they’re doing as all focus is on Africa.”

Alive & Kicking received a wave of coverage following their involvement in Dan Magness’ kick-up World Record, and it is hoped that the greater their presence the more footballs they can sell, and the more impact they can make.

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