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Youngsters receive Diana Award

Sunday March 27, 2011If U Care Share Youngsters Receive Diana Award

By Rhonda Richards | In Charity

Micah has expressed his delight at the news that the founders of If U Care Share have been awarded a Diana Award for Excellence for their commitment to suicide prevention.

Sarah O’Hare (18) and Matthew and Ben Smith (16 and 11) were invited to Westminster to receive their award from Maggie Turner OBE, chief executive of the Diana Awards.

If U Care Share was founded by the youngsters following the suicide of Daniel O’Hare in 2005 at the age of 19, and their aim was to encourage young people to share their problems with the hope of avoiding such tragedy for other families.

Micah has been a long-standing supporter of the project having experienced a similar tragedy first-hand following the death of his childhood friend, Daniel Nelson, in the same year.

That support has included Micah wearing an If U Care Share wristband in many Premier League and international matches to raise awareness about the issue, and he was delighted to hear that Sarah, Matthew and Ben’s efforts were to be rewarded.

On the Diana Award, Micah said: “It’s great to hear that Sarah, Matthew and Ben were given a Diana Award which is a fantastic achievement, especially considering their age.

“If U Care Share has grown since I first got involved with it and I hope it continues to grow to help young people who may otherwise take drastic action.”