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Micah Richards

Micah's school days are a period of his life he has fond memories of.

Monday September 1, 2008Educate yourself to a brighter future

By Soriebah Kajue | In General

Most of us still have some recollection of our school days and Micah Richards is no different. In fact, his are still quite fresh in his memory considering he left only a few years ago, and it is a period of his life that he has fond memories of.

Although his chosen career means he had to stop his studies when he left school, the important of excelling in education has not been lost on him.

Richards said: “I really enjoyed school. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and trying to broaden my horizons. My favourite subjects at school were P.E, which won’t probably surprise anyone, but I also enjoyed Food Technology and Maths. My parents were quite strict with me in that I was not allowed to go out to football unless I kept on top of my studies. At the time I thought they were being a bit harsh with me but now I realise it was for my own benefit and it’s definitely something I’ll do with my own kids. Education opens so many doors for people and it’s so important that you try and do your best in school so that you can move into a good career.”

As a defender, Richards does not really get the chance to score many goals for Manchester City or England, but on the rare occasions that he does, he is reminded of the same satisfaction that he got when he learnt something new in school.

He added: “Dont get me wrong, there subjects at school that i did struggle with but I kept working at it and didn’t give up, no matter how much it frustrated me, and then all of a sudden things would click and the feeling I got was just as good as scoring a goal. All the people who have struggled with a piece of coursework, essay or something like that will understand what I mean. When I see the university students in Manchester I have so much admiration for them because with their education they will go on to make a real difference tomorrow. I have just as much respect for them as I do my Man City and England team-mates, because just like them, they are dedicating themselves to a career, which they hope to reach the top of. That type of commitment has to applauded.”