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Saturday September 1, 2007Anthony Nolan Trust Fundraiser

By Rhonda Richards | In Charity

In 2007, Year 11 pupils from Carr Manor High School in Leeds took on a project to raise awareness about the Anthony Nolan Trust.

The Anthony Nolan Trust are an organisation that strive to raise awareness and increase the number of people on the Bone Marrow Donor Register. Without a donor match many young people die from Leukaemia; so finding a match is a lifeline for many young people suffering from this disease!

Unfortunately there are not enough people on the Bone Marrow Donor Register; therefore finding a perfect match is a long and difficult task which can involve searching worldwide.

When Micah heard that students from a high school in Leeds were embarking on a project to raise awareness of the Anthony Nolan trust, he was only too keen to add his support.

The year 11 pupils organised events such as auctions to raise funds for the foundation, an initiative set up over 34 years ago by Shirley Nolan, whose son Anthony was diagnosed with a rare condition called Wiscott Aldrich Syndrome.

Having lost Anthony to the disease at the age of seven, Shirley embarked on a mission to aide research into leukaemia, positioning the Anthony Nolan trust at the forefront of tissue type analysis and tissue transplant technology.

Since her death in 2002, Shirley’s legacy has continued as the charity seeks to increase the number of people adding their name to the Bone Marrow Donor Register each year, with the Anthony Nolan trust providing 400 donors for patients annually.

When students from Carr Manor High School contacted Micah about attending one of their events, the Manchester City and England defender took no hesitation in agreeing, taking with him one of his shirts and signing it to be auctioned.

Micah’s presence helped to attract hundreds of young people from around the Leeds area, tying in with the 20-year old’s work with the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT), a charity that aspires to increase the number of bone marrow donors from the Black community and mixed parentage groups.

On the event, Micah told “I was invited along to an event run by the pupils from Carr Manor which was looking to promote the work done by the Anthony Nolan trust.

“It’s a brilliant cause, and it was great that the pupils had taking it upon themselves to organise such an event.
It was the least I could do in helping to publicise what they were doing, and if I could help raise funds for the cause then that was an added bonus.

“What these charities do is unbelievable, and they deserve as much recognition as they can get.
They look to encourage people to add their names to donor lists, thus reducing the chances of patients suffering from leukaemia being unable to find somebody to help them.”