RT @Sacha_whp: It seems that the whole of South Mcr are heading to @HappyNightMcr next weekend..looks great!! Last few tickets left https:/…Fri Jul 08 18:57:22

Sturridge! What a player.πŸ‘ŒπŸΏTue Feb 09 22:27:47

@Blackhino @JoleonLescott blacks you don't know nothing but 20%Sun Feb 07 23:39:12

RT @baileymcfc: @NDJ_Official @NFL got Carolina; love Cam - you not on refereeing crew? You have form with @MicahRichards and @JoleonLescot…Sun Feb 07 23:21:34

RT @paddypower: Gabby Agbonlahor seems to be suggesting that someone needs to get banged: Feb 06 19:03:12

RT @Queen_of_Orange: @MicahRichards RT for a young blue? πŸ’™ Feb 04 07:42:11

Great interview with @JDFootball &. @adidasUK yesterday on my X15 boots, looking forward to the video! #jdfootball Jan 28 18:18:47

RT @HoldThisBeer: Hold my beer while I perform a magic trick to disappear Jan 26 15:41:23