RT @AVFCOfficial: FT: #AVFC 1-0 #FFC – That’s it here as we earn another win courtesy of a class finish from Jonathan Kodjia. Well play, la…Sat Oct 22 16:06:44

Hi @lizgreen30 I would like to wish your little boy felix good luck on he's kidney transplant on Thursday hope it all goes well! #TeamFelixTue Sep 13 07:32:09

RT @Maradona_AVFC10: @MicahRichards Yes Micah you actually have to work hard this season, not a jolly like you had with Tim.…Fri Jul 08 18:59:31

@22Gards bantsMon Feb 08 21:09:43

@JoleonLescott @NDJ_Official @baileymcfc @NFL couldn't be talking about me! Baby faceSun Feb 07 23:22:13

RT @NDJ_Official: @JoleonLescott @baileymcfc @NFL @MicahRichards ohh, he's alive!!! Hahaha, all we need now is that mammoth ...Sun Feb 07 23:21:29

RT @DJRUSSKE: Big result today Villa, man like @MicahRichards 🙌🏻👊🏻Sat Feb 06 18:51:37

@LucyJardinexo had to throw them 😡 couldn't be fixedFri Feb 05 20:26:36